Your Faerie Guide


Have you found your faerie guide through the Oracle?

I found mine after some time using the deck, and I was starting to wonder if they would ever show themselves.

What has your experience been like?

September Pixie

I feel mine fluttering around from time to time but we have YET to establish a connection *SIGH* :(


It took me a while to find mine too, however, my guide is in one of the cards, yet in the background. If you look at the Bright Mother, the elf looking boy/male on the left, drawn in black and white, with pointy ears...He's my guide. One night I was just shuffling the cards, playing around with them, not asking anything serious, and that card dropped out. Something pulled me to truly look at it, the details in it, and I could feel that as soon as I noticed what I was suppose to, it would be a profound experience in my spiritual growth, especially since it was the Mother card, being nurturing, and overlooking the experiences, growth, and most of all unconditional love to guide, protect and gently direct. That night, I had a dream about him, and he told me his name. His name is Nicoli. This name does not reflect the person in the card itself, only what my guides' name is. He doesn't look "exactly" like the guy in the pic, but very very close.

When your guide is ready to show him/her self then s/he will.



How did you find your guide Aneski?


I was using the cards, staring at the the blank card, wondering what my guide would look like, when someone said "Like this." And there she was. Her name is Jacinta, and I feel like a kid again with an invisible friend!


yay! It's quite allright to have an invisible friend, you know. :)

I have lots!

Jacinta is a very pretty name too. You can tell her I said so!

I was lucky to find my guide long before the cards ever arrived.

It's kinda funny, since most faery guides are there to open the gateway to the Otherworld for you...when my shaggy little yakmuse shows usually is a sign that I need to put the cards away for awhile! (because I am taking things Waaaay too seriously!)