Queen of Wands


What is the Key Concept for this card?
(for what I mean for key concept, please see thread on Hanged Fey).

I would say: "filling happiness"


Creative thoughts brought to life




One key for a Court card? argh.....

passionate will


can't do it

hehe, I can't get it down to just one word! or even one phrase.....perhaps I'm just too scattered today. But the card image is for me one "bursting with life", and the Queen also represents passion and joy. so perhaps passionate, productive, joyous, bursting with life.........can't distill it much furhter. BB, Michael



i would say The Queen of Wands is a Strong willed person somebody who is very confident and likes having independence.


When I look at her I can't help think - pregnant.

I think a more realistic keyword is confidence :)

Sulis xx


Attitude without arrogance, secure, and curious.


No title

"A good place after a difficult journey." The placement of tatoos and nature of her hair gives this Fey an initial impression of having come through a battle of some sort. Then, looking at what we are looking at, we see the details for what they are and come up with a secondary impression.

Wild but gentle eyes, hair in disarray or just being brushed back, pregnant (but what does that imply about who, when, why). This card has two levels of time, meaning, situation -- before, and now. This implies that we need to understand her journey and her present situation, we have to pause and get to know this queen and what her future is about.

There is a lot of time-flow in this card as well as her attitudes during that process. Dave


I've changed my mind :)

After having a good look at this card last night I thought - she's green, she's covered in leaves, she's pregnant - she's FERTILE (in all senses of the word).


Sulis xx