Alchemical Study Group - Nine of Swords


In this card we see a man holding a sword above his head. He seems to be moving with great fear. Above him hang eight other swords pointing downward.

This is an interesting card and I really like this representation. The man shows obvious fear looking at the expression on his face. And yet, what is the real danger in this situation? The eight swords are all tied and although they point down there is no real indication that they will fall. Being an air card this is again a card of mental energy and so in this case the card speaks of fear and worry, not always well founded.

In the LWB Place calls this card 'The Hero' which is interesting. Is he facing his fears, or running from them? Negative thinking, or obsessive worry are the real issue here. You can either let them control your life and feel like the man in the card, or you can confront them and then allow yourself to stand tall and life life without fear.


If the man is frightened then it is something off the card he is worried about but he has the tools, either in his hand, or ready above his head, to deal with this problem. All that is needed is practice to make sure the skills are sharp when called to deal with the problem.


(from the book)

Eight swords hang from a ceiling, threatening a man who has but one sword. His way seems open, yet the swords present an emotional threat because he is gripped with fear that they might fall.

Tarot wisdom: You are experiencing needless fear arising from thoughts of impending doom. Negative thinking is creating the fear. There is a way out, if you can look past those fears. Or, perhaps you must confront them.