Animals Divine - Knight of Wands – Yhi


Image of the card

Symbols*: All life is germinating into a powerful force of energy. Butterflies and dragonflies symbolize the soul and the potential for rebirth and resurrection. Old patterns of behavior and stagnation can be broken in one ponders the powers of smaller creatures. The firefly symbolizes passion and a desire to persevere; the turtle is symbolic of strength and determination. Bees are industrious and orderly and are reminders of the importance to remain focused on tasks at hand. Fish and frogs are fecund and offer a pathway to cleansing and renewal. Spiders are wevers of destiny. Their intricate webs are reminders of the uniqueness of each life. Birds help to elevate our thinking, thus engaging us in a more spiritual mindset. The illuminated stars are beacons for creative inspiration and deep desires.

Description*: Yhi is the Aboriginal goddess of creation. She emerged from a dreamtime sleep and illuminated the earth with her opening eyes. She proceeded to walk the earthly terrain and, as she did so, greenery sprouted from her footsteps. She walked all over until foliage dominated her pathways. She wanted to animate life and descended to the underworld, where she encountered evil spirits. The evil spirits tried to subdue her with song, but the strength of the warm goddess defeated their dark natures. Instead, all manner of life began to evolve under the illumintaing powers of the goddess’s presence. Insects stirred to life: butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and all manner of tiny creatures began to dance amid the warm rays of Yhi’s nourishing light. She then shone upon dark caves and crevices of the world and fishes, birds, lizards, amphibians, and all the animals began to reveal their presence. She then blessed them with the promise of seasons and the knowledge that their lives would continue in her celestial domain once they outlived their mortal shells. Her orb of light descended into the horizon and darkness prevailed. The new inhabitants fell asleep until the light of dawn woke them once again. Sadness began to pervade the bliss and creatures expressed their desire to become more mobile. Some creatures wanted wings, others wanted legs, and some wanted to writhe or wiggle. Yhi gave them the resources they desired. She then turned her energy toward creating human beings. She first created a man and then a woman from a flower. And together, the man and the woman became companions.

Keywords: Creative energy, Determination, Pursuing desires, Focus, Initiative

Possible Meaning: Yhi’s power of light allowed her to create all manner of new life. If we learn to harness our own light, we can become more powerful thinkers and creators. Even the most mundane chores or activities can become creative tasks if we adjust our thinking and live a life invested with positive energy.

This is a time of quick and sudden changes, of great movements. You may experience a change in your home or career. You may need to make sudden decisions to get things to go your way.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: She is woman of wisdom, with a heart of young child. She loves to seek for knowledge. She is a thinker and a creator. She has a positive outlook on life, and all around her.