April FSC Sign-Ups


Hey all...here we are again getting ready for a new month. Sign-ups will run through April 3rd...

It is a very simple spread this month...and don't feel obligated to play... we use both sets of Froud Faeries Oracles so there are two decks to choose from but those are the only two.

If you aren't going to be able to finish a month out please let both myself and your partner(s) know as soon as possible.

NEW RULE: Alta and I have been talking and we feel that more time is needed for feedback and digesting of readings so...


All readings must be done by the 21st of the month (this is 3 weeks) to allow for the sitter to have time for feedback.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with this.

Spread for April:

A simple journey spread as we move into Spring and get ready for new beginnings.


1. Where in the journey am I?

2. What am I missing still that my journey wants to teach me?

3. How will I know when I am moving forward in my journey?


meeeee please


Absolutely...so glad you are coming to play...I think it may be a small party but we will have a great time!


Oh, yes, please count me in. I am SO excited about my Froud's Fairies and would love to exchange a reading. I am doing the work in the front of the book in the meantime.


Wonderful...and we have a nice easy spread to start with... perfect for a first time exchange.


Just got my Heart of the Faeries oracle so count me in this month with the deck.

I am looking forward to using the deck.



Welcome Onyx...so glad you are joining us.


Count me in too please :)


Of course Stargazer...glad to see you here again this month.


Genna pm'd to say she wanted to play also...so we are growing.