Card 10 - The Singer of Healing


My best friend and I have know each other more than half our lives. We have experienced many ups and downs together. She is the sister that I choose, instead of a sister by blood. I love her more than I can ever tell her and yet.... We have had hitches in our communication. We could talk very well about a range of subjects: We have discussed the newest fashion, how to deal with the loss of a loved one, our weird preferance for chocolate and how your personality can be your worst enemy.

Yet it was always difficult for me to talk about my daily life with her. Even though I knew what went on in her life, she did not ask about mine, and I did not volenteer the information. Our weak points (hers is a strong desire to avoid painful situations, mine is sharing personal information) strengthened each other.

I felt we grew more and more apart because of this, but I also was not able to change this pattern by myself. One morning right after I woke up I decided to call her and talk about it. I was pretty nervous, imagine telling your best friend: Hi, It's not working, I need you to change the way we are talking to eachother. To see what the conversation would bring I drew a card.

It was the Singer of Healing....

Needless to say that the conversation was better then I dared to hope. She told me she had sensed the same thing, but that she didn't know how to fix it. She learned from me how to communicate with private people (=me) and I learned that people are much more generous and forgiving then I sometimes give them credit for and that some things are fixable. To me, it was a powerful experience of the strength of healing.

I'd love to hear your experiences with this card.


singer of healing

This faery has come up in my readings with my friends, and clients as A LOT of healing needs to take place in order to move on. Don't be afraid to take some time off to nurse some of those psychological wounds. It's important to doctor our emotional and spiritual needs.

What a great reading, thanks so much for sharing your experience!



my expierience withthis card was amazing. I drew this card and shortly after contacted an ex ( bad breakup) here it is less than a month later and we have worked through the past and are begining a very nice friendship. I no longer hold the negative feelings anymore. I am more at peace with myself and my past.


I'm really having some confidence issues by now.

I see an angel in this card. I also see an upside down Yoni, very clearly. I don't even know why I see sexual images in almost every card.
Anyway, the base chakra is lit up.

I mean, I KNEW these threads were very old, and inactive. I don't know what I was expecting honestly.