cosmic tarot - 9 of cups


A man is giving a woman a kiss on the foreehad in a lush garden in broad daylight. The caups are not overflowing, they are full, there is a snes of trust and strength here. I am not familiar with the exact origins but it feels german for soem reason. This image is suspended at a specific moment, so that we the readers can interpret it based on each readings exactness. Tall green grass offers shade.


I’ve been thinking about this card and thought I'd share them with you.

I could almost here it say ‘to learn the secrets of creation, we have learn how to vibrate and become one with it.’ The woman in this card is very desirable, her eyes soft focused as she looks devotedly to the heavens. Surrounded by cups of different sizes, she is accompanied by a loving young man, his face lightly shadows.

The passion, love and magic in this card is very overpowering, intense, almost indescribable. The couple’s faith in each other is intense, emotional and very optimistic. Both seem magnetically attracted to each other, a powerful and potent combination. A dream, a wish come true?!

As a person, I see this card as someone incredibly sensitive, who is empathic and compassionate towards others. S/he may at times become overwhelmed by others emotions and may have to withdraw periodically to clear and rebalance their energy and aura.

I think too, there could be a tendency for vulnerability and gullibility (being misguided)…..where a person feels so much about something that they believe what they want to believe without challenging these beliefs or even wondering who discovered or wrote them in the first place. They hang on to these truths at all costs resisting anyone or anything that challenges it.

tink :love: