Fae Questions & Suggestions

September Pixie

Ok, so my faeries are begging for a little acknowledgment.. I have been guilty of leaving them in their bags for far too long.. but see.. to me, they are very personal and I don't just 'share' them with anyone.. in fact pretty much NO ONE... I let my cousin take a peek at the book and did a spread for her, she was amazed and LOVED them!! (of course, I am NOT surprised!)... but then I got to thinking..

How many of you use them to read for others? Do you feel stingy if you don't?

I feel like I have a pretty strong relationship with my fae.. the ones that live with me and guide me have a great pence of compassion and humor.. yes, they are pranksters, but never ever harm me! (quite odd reading stories of people feeling bitten or scared by their Fae!) but this of course is my relationship with them..

If someone has a negative reaction to your reading or your fae, how do you handle it? This hasn't happened to me, but a question I was wondering when I read some of the posts here..

And above all, this is a forum I would LOVE to see get more use.. what can WE do as a community to :

1 - get more people to post :)
2 - spend more time with their fae
3 - grow together with our fae

Thread about Fae meditations? I meditate upon my Fae quite often and have met some WONDERFUL fae in the process.. anyone else do this?

Fae music? I have often wondered about this.. what kind of music do you find your fae drawn to? Mine love to hear singing of ANY kind.. they aren't too keen on musical instruments in my home, but any vocal (classical acapella or Sarah Brightman works well) or nature soundtrack seems to draw them by the dozens!

Your Faerie realm.. I know what mine looks like.. what about yours? I realize this is a kind of sacred special place.. would understand if people didn't want to share, but I am pretty open and wouldn't mind sharing most of what my friends (fae) have taught me :)

Anyway, I'd LOVE to hear what others think!!


I use my Faerie Oracle as my main reading deck. At least for people I know and for myself. I have used them in a professional setting and got some very good readings with them and everybody seemed quite pleased with the results. On other occasions I have used them in a professional setting only to have the querent stare at me blankly. I gave up after a while and just gave her a fortune reading. For that particular querent though, she wasn't interested in finding WHY she had money problems or what her responsiblity was in her situation, she just wanted someone to tell her she was going to win lotto or something.

I have found that my faeries will talk to anyone who is interested in delving into their own psyche. In fact I have learnt so much more about the faeries through the eyes of others and in hearing what they have to tell different people. Last year I was doing one card readings on the net with the Faeries. I got people to pick a number between 1 and 66 and read the corrosponding card. I got VERY good results with this method and it expanded both my understanding of the faeries, (the same faerie often had very different things to say to different people) and my intuition.

The only negative reaction I had to the faeries was one woman (who picked 55 as her number). She didn't like what the Soul Shrinker had to say and her reaction in my mind confirmed the message that he was trying to get across. You win some, you lose some.

As for getting more posts here in this forum, I'm more than willing to jump in. This is definetly my favourite deck and I'd love to be getting more involved with the discussions. I have to go now, I'm expecting a vistior any moment but I'll come back later to elaborate on my Faery realm as you call it. :D
much love

September Pixie

thats lovely! :D

I don't really share mine.. and it wasn't until yesterday that I was wondering if I or the people or even my faeries were missing out by me not sharing... I connect with them really deeply .. almost spiritually.. i absolutely love them.. I've only shared one reading with them here and one reading for my cousin in person other than that they have been my soul source of information into myself..

My faerie realm is completely lush with evergreen colored forests, moss filled lands, trickling streams, and is the most beautiful place i have ever seen! When I first step into my faerie realm I begin in the forrest.. its dark but not scary in the least.. its very soft and comforting.. the ground looks more like luxurious spanish moss its so thick and green.. the trees are filled with thick leaves and knotty branches.. as I walk through the clearing, most often hobbits and pixies meet me along the way (they live there).. heading towards the clearing there is a trickling stream and a large (but softly sounding) water fall.. this is where the Faery Godmother & Penelope Dreamweaver live.. they often greet me here.. beyond the waterfall is a gate made of ice... I have never been through there.. its just understood that this is a privlidged area and some day i may or may not see behind them.. for now its not for me to know :)

Sometimes the glade is filled with fog, other times is crystal clear.. but it never rains and is never cold.. its always warm and enrapturing... anyway :) I hope you all have enjoyed 'picturing' my little Faerie realm.. i look forward to hearing about yours :)

Chubby Mummy

Oh noooo! I havent had my faeries oracle for long and I wouldnt share them with anyone!! I use other decks for readings for others!!!
What if someone accidentally folded one of the cards???!! Oh noooo!
I would love to see something like a daily meditation card on the faeries oracle...this way we can get it out more and discuss with other what we see in that card without perhaps looking in the book, or maybe in conjunction with it!!! This way our faeries can be let loose!!

Mind you Im up for anything....Ill keep an eye out!!!



I have never read for anyone else with my Faeries. I don't really for myself with them either, at least not in the sense of asking a question and laying them out in a spread. I need to get to know them all a little better first. What I have been doing is pulling one card, sometimes 2, and mulling it over for a few days. Only after I have recorded my thoughts in a journal do I read the passage in the book. The impressions I have been getting are eerily similar to what the author describes.

September Pixie--your faerie realm sounds a lot like mine, except it does rain, and quite often! In fact my faerie realm looks a lot like the gorgeous natural settings we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Big trees, lots of green, and lots of water--sometimes trickling and gurgling in a stream, sometimes in cascading waterfalls, and sometimes just dripping everywhere. And sometimes, when we're really really lucky, it falls in soft white flakes. There are surprises around every corner, colors you haven't seen anywhere else, and rocks that are perfectly sized, shaped, and placed to stop and rest on.


There are faeries and then there are fairies

I just can't seem to connect with the Froud Faeries. But on the other hand, the Fairy Ring Circle oracle, those guys I know. I recognized the Garconer (Glanconer in Froud) right away, before even reading his entry in the companion book. The fey in the Fairy Ring are just a bit tougher, a bit more real, which is important for someone with a predominance of fire and earth in her astrological chart. Froud's Faeries are pretty, no doubt about it, but they're just a little too pretty for me to relate to. It's like asking Miss Universe or Kathie Lee Gifford for guidance.

But that's just me, and I'm a bad egg.

Chubby Mummy

Well Im up for something similar to the daily thoth where we pick a daily faeries oracle and meditate on it...theres not alot of people interested...but Im definitly up for it....anyone else??? September Pixie??? u with me?



I'm in I'm in I'm in!


I've used this deck as my only deck for reading for everyone. For a year I worked at a metaphysical bookstore as a professional reader, and used this deck only. Now i read for friends and family only (for the most part).

Last year I took my fae with me to "war" (the SCA war in Estrella Park in Phoenix Arizona). They were in my purse, and i set my purse down in my chair (canvas fold out camping chairs). About an hour later, I went to go grab my purse and it was SOPPING wet. Someone had spilt an ENTIRE BEER on my purse! My cards were more then ruined!

The next day I went out to the bookstore (Barnes and Noble) and got a new deck. Personally, I believed that it was meant for me to get a new deck (for some reason) otherwise, they wouldn't have let that happen. They would've told me to move them, or had some one move them...something. But they didn't. I guess they didn't mind a few drinks either (LOL).

Anyways, so I got another deck and all is well!

My faerie land...hmm, there are many parts that i "can't" talk about, but in general, my faerie land is a vast, deep, lush, old forest! The bark on the trees glisten as if underneath the dark brown bark is gold. Golden shining hues glow from the trees. Faerie dust is sparkling and lingering about the forest in the air, suspended and softly flowing on the gentle breeze. Some faeries live deep under the trees along the roots, others fly about, and flutter around the trees, other faeries, they perch wherever they find comfortable. Perhaps in the branches, or on a rock. Some are walking about with others. Some are only a few inches tall, while others are a bit taller then me (about 5' 6" or so). Some are the familiar looking dwarves, elves, or the traditional winged faery. Others look as they do in the Froud deck, part animal, and part human, or humanistic features.
Walking along the path deeper into the forest, you see all the different faeries lingering about. Some asleep, some in deep conversation, others just pondering. Eventually I find "my" tree (kinda like finding your "home") and i climb up it, perching up there. Sometimes I go to the "camp" fire at night and sing and dance with the faeries who choose to engage in such spirited affairs.
There are many other things with in my faerie forest, but that is all I dare talk about.

What a great way to share!

Chubby Mummy

Ok .... right, I will be brave and start a thread on it then....!!!



Phew! Thanks Sagitarian, I was starting to feel like the major odd one out. Its nice to know someone else reads for others with this deck. :D

As for my Faery realm, I think I have been highly influenced by Charles De Lint. I see the Faery Realm as a cross between an onion (with many layers) and a beehive (with many worlds fitting side by side). Those analogies are close but still not quite it. I feel like in one way the Faery Realm is Out There but in another is Inside. Everything that can be imagined is in one world or another. Some worlds are more real than others because more people can believe in them, some worlds are faint because only one or two people can see them. Other worlds are just memories because no one has thought of them yet. I know this doesn't really make logical sense but hey, we are talking about Faeries. :) Anyway, thats how I envision the Faery Realm.