"go to " oracle deck


What is your go to oracle deck and why?


Mine is the Witch's Oracle. I adore it! I love the cards and the books. I use it for everything. Each card has an incantation in the book, too, and I love those also.


Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. AKA Gypsy cards. I find them to be very straightforward and they don't require a lot of learning time, unlike Lenormand.


Vessel Oracle. When I'm itching for an oracle I'm usually looking for some straightforward guidance, and I find the Vessel's emotion-based cards to be exactly what I need.


It depends on what I'm doing.
If my clients request a reading, I offer a Rackham Oracle Celtic Cross. If my clients seem to require increased support with closure, I go to Earth Magic.

If I'm reading for myself I'll go with either Earthbound or Goddess Guidance, depending on what I'm looking for.


I'm really liking the Wisdom of the Oracle. It is very comprehensive


I have three oracle decks I keep returning to: The Fairy Ring, The Enchanted Map, and The Heart of Faerie Oracle.

I like The Enchanted Map for self discovery, and The Heart of Fairy Oracle for relationship questions. The Fairy Ring I like for about all other queries.

i love the artwork of them all (yes, I'm a Celtic Romantic) and they all have excellent books that came with them.


Gaia Oracle. :)


Messenger oracle, Psycards and Earthbound deck.


With me if I decide to take them out and about would be the Psycards & Kipper.

Depending on my mood or what I feel like working with at home: Tea Leaves, Heart of the Fairy, Russian Gypsy and a few others.

DND :)