King of Pentacles

Lula Jing

How does anyone feel about him?

Every time I wonder about his pained expression. He looks bothered about something.

How do people interpret the expression on his face?

Shy x


To me, the expression of his face is like those persons who have everything and very hard to please or impress because they have been everywhere and done everything, I imagine he was given a gift and he said "duh! another pentacle..."

Another interpretation for his face:
People doing some job in which money is not motivation enough, as if he said "today I have to pose for this Tarot deck, I hope Mary Hanson finish quickly because it is boooring"

Lula Jing

Hey Flavio,

I really like those interpretations... especially the second. ;)

I will remember those next time I get this King...


Shy x


I interpet his facial expression as world weary. He's seen and done many things in his life. He's come across many people and know's they have a darker side to him. He's one not to trust easily, always wondering what that person wants from him. He actually has a great poker face, he give very little emotion away.


blackadder said:
He actually has a great poker face, he give very little emotion away.
even having the Ace on his hand! :)


He does look as though something is bothering him. I guess money and material possessions just don't thrill him anymore. He's lost the spark in his eye, assuming he had one at some point. I like reading all of your interpretations as I realy have trouble with the court cards. I can't seem to relate to them upon first glance. You guys are making them seem "human" to me.


The grapes in the background make me think he is an alcoholic. That is where the pain comes from, or maybe the pain causes his addiction.


He looks kind of stuck there with the rock wall next to him. Somehow cut off from his castle behind him. His throne seems more massive than the other kings, more plush too, along with his crown and robes. I tend to think he is more workaholic than alcoholic. I get the impression of the father who has spent late nights at the office or weekends on the road to advance his career and provide all the best (homes, cars, etc.) for his family, and eventually realizes that he has missed out on being a part of his family--he was never home.

But there is that shadow of grapes on his throne too. Like it's there hanging over him. I can see where addiction could come from his pain, perhaps his loneliness led him to drink. Even if he has learned to control his addiction, the shadow is still there, the possibility that he could fall off the wagon at any time. His sadness comes from knowing that even in times of happiness and comfort when everything seems alright, it can never be taken for granted. Which brings us back to world weariness, I believe.


He is the king of Pentacles. The king of materials. I never thought he would pay too much and not be part of the family. That makes sence. But grapes have other symbolism. I just thought alcohol. Grapes can show good luck, fertility. Christs blood is symbolized in grapes. Sacrafice goes hand in hand with fertility. Too many children equals too many cars to provide to the young. I see why this king is "depressed". He wanted the best for his family, but the best was for him to be at home. I needed to do some research, but this make sence. Thanks for the input.