Mary K. Greer's Yes/Maybe/No Spread


Hey all!

I'm a new-ish member. I've been browsing the site forever, but only recently made an account. Anyways... I've been needing some decent yes/no advice from the cards but couldn't quite find a spread on here that I felt comfortable with until my friend showed me this one by Mary K. Greer (I haven't seen anyone else post this on here, but if this is a repeat, I'm sorry!), I've been using it for a while and so far I've had really great results with it and just needed to share it!

It's a very simple 8-card spread using the Wheel of Fortune to give you the answer.
You place to cards in each category of "Yes" "Yes, Maybe" "No" and "No, Maybe" the layout looks something like this:


However, BEFORE you begin drawing your cards, you're going to want to take the Wheel of Fortune card out of the deck and lay it facedown to the side.
Next, shuffle your deck, focusing on your question, and when the time feels right, draw an additional 7 cards.

Put the rest of your deck aside and place the Wheel of Fortune in a pile with the 7 cards you just drew.
Now, shuffle these eight cards and begin the spread.

You make a small square with the first four inner cards (in my experience, the Wheel of Fortune is usually one of these first four and the outer cards typically accompany the inner cards with the explanation) and place the last four beside them, just like in the diagram I showed above.

Whichever pair the Wheel is in, gives you your answer:

Cards 1 and 5 make up the Yes - meaning if the Wheel of Fortune appears, it is safe to move forward with whatever
your question was about and the results should be in your favor.

Cards 2 and 6 make up the Yes, Maybe - meaning you should only move forward if you are cautious and ready to attempt something that may not turn out the way you want
(read the rest of the cards and especially the accompanying one to the Wheel if your answer is here)

Cards 3 and 7 make up the No, Maybe - meaning, should the Wheel land here, there are some obstacles to be dealt with before moving on (once those obstacles have been handled, I recommend redoing this reading to see where you're at afterward, sometimes if the obstacle is not met a certain way, you're answer could stay a No, Maybe or become a flat out No).

Cards 4 and 8 make up the No - if the Wheel of Fortune lands here it suggests that there are just too many difficulties with the current situation and it is not in your best interest to move forward. Give it time and come back to the reading, however, if circumstances change.

A little variation I added on to this - by drawing a ninth card out of the deck and adding it to my answer with the Wheel of Fortune, I get a greater insight of the Outcome of taking the path the Wheel has suggested.

*Just a little side thing here to help with interpretations, in my work with this spread there's usually two sets of pairs that relate to each other. For example, in a recent query I asked if I should start up a new relationship, the Wheel landed in the "No, Maybe" with the Queen of Wands, suggesting there were somethings I needed to work on within myself before I should proceed, and in the "Yes, Maybe" were the King of Cups and Page of Cups, which to me, represented the person I was considering becoming involved with, suggesting once I overcame the "No, Maybe" I should only proceed if the other person exhibits the qualities expressed in the "Yes, Maybe" cards. So when you're doing this spread, many times pairs will relate to one another.

If anyone is confused or has any comments, please post them :)


I love this spread. I'm going to have to try it out.


I tried this spread when she posted it, a couple of years ago? I received a "yes" and that came true that very afternoon. :) (I'd wondered, but hadn't really expected it.)


Thanks for posting this!!
I tried it, so I'm hoping it's accurate, cause I got the answer I wanted :)


loved it and will try this full moon with good energies :D


just what i've been looking for!

Wow this spread is just what I have been looking for! I'm also going to do it this evening under the light of the full moon, to add a little extra oomph to the reading.

Many thanks for posting this :)

Eyebright x


This is a powerful spread. Take close note of the other cards that land in the positions. The one near the Wheel can give you information on *why* it will or won't happen. The cards at the other end of the spread are also very important and will give more clarifiers. I love using this for the occasional yes/no concern.


Thanks for bumping this up. I've grown doubtful of my usual YES-NO spread and this seems to fit the bill (plus I think it's more insightful) :)


You're welcome. :)

I just tried it again with the Fey, using two different ways of selecting the seven cards. The first one came out the way I expected, and I wondered if the Six of Wands and the Wheel, in that position, would indicate a, "hell, no!" ;D (I know we can't ask for interpretations.) I had the Sun and the Queen of Cups in the "yes" position, but can't remember the other cards.

In the second, slightly re-phrased question, it came out in the "yes, maybe" section with the Nine of Cups. "Yes" was the Ace of Cups and the Seven of Swords, so it's still doubtful.