Modern Spellcaster's Tarot aka Magical Spellcaster Tarot


Isn't the "eyedropper" a wand supposedly manifesting the alchemical reaction in the cauldron?

I think the b/w version is awesome. Wouldn't it be great if Llewellyn came out with a collectors edition packaged with both a b/w and color version!


I agree. I like the b&w version much more then the coloured one. I would still get the coloured one, but it would be great if we could also get the b&w.


Want to see the Cups suit from the deck? It's here:

My favorite little touch is the tiny minnows on the Queen of Cups. I can see that as her maternal instinct taking care of the little ones or.. well.. they use tiny fish in pedicures to remove dead skin from the feet so maybe this is spa time for our Queen of Cups.

The 8 of Cups seems to say: [Scottish Accent] "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."


Dear, dear me...this looks to be a sure to-get deck for me! Loving it so far. Will be watching out for this one for sure!


There is something delightfully Monty Python about the Knight of Cups.


Definitely a deck to watch for! I can't wait to see where it goes from here... and to have a copy in my hands ;) From the handful of cards that we've seen, it looks like he's done a beautiful job of incorporating a diverse cast of characters of all races, genders, sexual orientation and ages, without it feeling forced. The images look very vivid and lively, and I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.


There is something delightfully Monty Python about the Knight of Cups.

And I agree with you, Shade! I laughed when I saw the card after reading your post. I get the impression that this deck has a light-heartedness, a sense of humour to it as well.


ooooOOOOOO a brand new mass-published deck I actually like!

And I agree, BW would be awesome rather than the super sleek and unreal colour versions


Two new cards were revealed on Facebook. Also the deck now seems to be called the Magical Spellcaster Tarot. Who the hell names these things? The cards are gorgeous - attached below.


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