Mystical Cats Tarot - Seven of Fire (Wands)


We can see a calico cat standing on a rock, their back facing us. They are holding their left paw high in the air with all claws out in an aggressive/defensive manner. There is a yellow flame-like light flashing all around it and small yellow lights reminiscent of fireflies. 7 little flames are burning over the cat's head, like we saw in the Six of Fire.
They seem to be trying to scare away 3 other cats and it indeed looks like they fear the fiery light coming out of the paw.
The lower half of the background is almost an opaque black. Higher on the left, we can see various shades of grey and on the right, various shades of beige and reddish-brown.

Colors : Contrast between yellow/orange and grey/black.

Once again, this card has a very straightforward message, quite well explained by the author : ''Even though the odds may seem to be against you, you are in a position of power as long as your cause is just.'' This card is advising you not to abandon and to believe in yourself, even when under direct attack.

Symbolism :

Body position : Standing tall, clawed paw in an offensive/defensive position, looking at the enemy right in the eye. This cat is standing their ground and facing their problem with pride and courage.

Number 7 (flames) : Symbolizes forces beyond one's control and the need to use our inner ressources to overcome challenges.

Flames : Symbol of energy, power, passion, action and creativity.

Flame-like light : It reminds me of the yellow halo around the cat in the Chariot card. Even though the related symbolism usually applies when the halo is around the head, I think it would be fitting in this case too. The presence of a yellow halo is a symbol used by pre-Christian pagans to represent power.

Rock/stones : Represent strength and stability.

Light vs Dark : There is a big contrast between the vivid and warm colors coming from the light sources and the overall darkness. It looks to me like a fight between light vs dark, good vs bad.