Mystical Cats Tarot - Seven of Sea (Cups)


We can see an orange and white Scottish Fold tabby cat standing up while he's being surrounded by mysterious bubbles. Seven soap bubbles of various sizes are floating around and over his head. They all display the image of a large blue wave inside them and a rainbow reflection on their outline.
The cat has a surprised look on his face (this impression is enhanced by the natural folding of his ears) and is in the act of bursting a bubble with his claws.
The surroundings don't look like a real world setting. The background consists of mixed areas of white, grey and blue.

Colors : Mostly blue and white stand out.

The mysterious bubbles and setting of this card relates well what the focus is set on: illusions. This cat doesn't understand if what he sees is real or not. It appears to be real, those bubbles are real, but what about the images inside them? Those waves aren't real are they? And as soon as he tries to touch them, they disappear! What is the message we can get out of this fairly comical situation? Be careful not to get deceived by illusions. ''You need tangible choices to create the reality you want and need.''

Symbolism :

Scottish Fold : Because of their naturally folded ears, these cats always look like they are surprised, which is an emotion quite fitting for this card.

Bubbles : Symbolize ephemeralness, intangibility and fragility.
Also reminded me of the expression ''to live in a bubble'', which means ''to isolate from reality''.
Finally, bubbles represent the water element in this card.

Number 7 (bubbles) : This number represents the forces beyond one's control and the use of inner ressources to overcome challenges.

Waves : Symbolize strong emotions.

White color : Symbolizes purity and innocence.

Blue color : Symbolizes the emotional and psychic realms.