Mythic Tarot - Two Wands


Jason stands before Chiron’s cave firmly gripping two flaming wands before he sets out to reclaim his inheritance. Chiron can be seen within the darkness of the cave.

  • as a baby, he was entrusted to Chiron’s care to protect him from his uncle Pelias’ desire for Jason’s father’s throne
  • when he’d grown to manhood, Chiron told him about his birthright, which Jason was determined to reclaim
  • Hera was his protectress
  • the two wands represent the newly conceived goal as a particular vision even if one still doesn’t know how that vision is to be achieved; his imagination is fired up and that’s enough at this point
  • the wands represent a tentative starting point
  • all creative journeys begin with one idea that leads to another since the original idea is merely a prelude to the next one
  • the initial idea is sufficient to get one moving out of one’s safety zone
  • an inspiration that one can have more than one has or be more than one is
  • believing in a vision enough to try to make it a reality, without knowing if one will succeed or fail
  • represents a time when plans must be formulated
Random Thoughts
  • his initial idea ended up not being a completion but the first step in a much larger and more complicated journey
  • again we see the roll that another person plays in starting one along their journey, for if Chiron had never revealed his birthright to Jason, there might not have been a story of the Golden Fleece
  • one must go out into the world and forge one’s own destiny

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 16 Nov 91 was "courage".