Nicoletta Ceccoli ~ Death


I got this card recently in a reading about a mother who was in the last weeks of her pregnancy. I must admit I felt a bit uncomfortable about this at first, although I have been working with tarot long enough to know that Death does not usually signify actual death. A few weeks later the baby was born and everything has been going very well. So, I thought I’d better take a closer look at this card to remind myself of what it really is about.

In Ceccoli’s card the lovely Snow White is asleep in the snow surrounded with her seven dwarves. It is a lovely serene picture. She has rosy cheeks and beautiful red shoes. Snow is falling softly on her and the red apple is lying next to her on the snow.
(She reminds the sleeping girl in the Page of Wands btw)

I dug up my notebook and read:
-She is not dead but in a state she is not going to stay in
-Maiden is in the process of becoming Queen
-Changing of status; birth, death
-New cycle about to begin; her present situation has become unproductive
-Questions: What do you need to let go of? What is being transformed? What new growth is now possible?
-Inexorable Forces; Transition; Elimination; Ending
(This last line is from Joan Bunning’s book but I’m not sure where I have picked those other notes.)

LWB: Something must end so something better can begin. Do not cling to who you thought you were. Awaken reborn. Key concepts: Transformation, release, endings, acceptance of loss


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ana luisa

I always thought this card was about leaving childhood (for the dwarfs) and entering womanhood. The courage to leave it all behind and embrace something new and unknown.


The snow causes me to think of the little match girl; had circumstances been different perhaps she'd not be there now.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is a reason that the person who receives this card has been brought to this point. Sure they may not be blameless, and yet this card asks us to look at extenuating circumstances in order to learn from what happened and to not repeat it.