Once upon a time...


...there was a reading. And this reading was done with the Froud Faery Oracle deck.

There was a reader, of sorts, named Alissa. And she sat down with her sitter, whom she has read for with her Faeries, many, many times before.

And on this day, the Faeries started to jump out as she shuffled and laced the deck, as her Faeries are wont to do. Quickly, it became apparent that certain faeries wanted to go on This Side of the Spread. And others wanted to sit on This Side of the Spread. And one side of the spread was about her sitter, and the other side of the spread was about her longtime beau.

Alissa, looking bemused, looked up into her sitter's eyes and said simply, "This is a wedding. You're getting married. And the Faeries are coming!"

"You mean, we're going to get married someday?"

"No," said Alissa. "I mean you're going to get married in the next year. Maybe a little less than that, but not longer. 2010, for sure."

On the groom's side were positives and negatives, gushy lovey cards as well as darker caveats. And on the bride's side there were positives and negatives, caveats and gooshy lovey cards.

And Alissa gave her sitter a big hug, and her sitter headed out the door that day, smiling from ear to ear.

Four months passed, and Alissa forgot all about the reading, because Alissa is the kind of reader who "gives it all away" and retains little of a reading once it's concluded. Thanksgiving, Christmas... holidays spun by in the cycle of Human time.

Shortly after Valentine's day, Alissa's phone rang. It was her sitter. "The Faeries were RIGHT!" cried out her joyful sitter. "He proposed to me on Valentine's day while we were vacationing, he got down on his knees with the ring, and everything! I had NO idea he was even planning it, I can't believe it! I had to call you as soon as we got back and tell you!"

And Alissa began to remember, oh yes! The wedding reading! The faeries... the groom's side and the bride's side. Joyfully, she congratulated her sitter and her sitter's fiancee.

Somewhere on the Faery side of the Universe, they smiled too.


Very sweet .....love it when it all falls into place so neatly.


Thank you DragonFae!

... I just thought something besides all the study group threads would be interesting. I remember a time when the FO group was less about study groups and reading circles, and more about stories and conversations with the Fae.

My Inner Fae really rebels at the very notion of "Studying" a faery. ;)

...Well, so anyhow, here's a story. Because telling stories is what I like to do best.

pickled pixie

I agree Alissa, I used to love hearing everyones stories and even posted e few of my own, although I find the study groups helpful I wish people shared their experiences more!

I love hearing your stories Alissa so keep'em coming :D

pp xx


Hi Alissa, I love your stories about the Faeries, and I also find it hard to study the fae. Mostly they want to chatter and giggle. :heart:



Was it Sag Allissa?
Tell her I say hi and much love and happiness!
I love hearing your faerie stories...:)


Great Story! Sag is getting married? Wow....great news! ;)

Stories....I'm playing with those new faeries...stories will be coming our way no doubt.


HAhahahhaha~! lark and Satori, you guys are funny!

NO not Sag... not at all. My sitter's name is Jeanette actually, but I will tell my sister her name came up in the FO forum. She's been going through a lot of late, and I'm sure it will cheer her up.

And a big Hey There to Alta and pickled pixie too!

So... maybe let's quit studying for a while and tell more stories???


What an excellent story you have told here, Alissa!

What a wonderful thing to hear from a sitter too!...the faeries are very clever, aren't they?