OSHO Zen Study Group: IV The Rebel


Another interpretation

I was just talking with a friend who uses Osho only, because she believes Osho suits her instincts better.

So when this card came up in a relationship / intimacy reading, I was thinking the card along the lines of trying something new, being more spontaneous and daring to go after what you want.

However, her explanation of this card is very specific - this refers to a relationship that holds much sexual tension without deep commitment (ex.:eek:ne-night-stands, affairs, flings), or a state where the relationship is focused on carnal pleasure without making much progress on emotional connection.

In that sense, comparing to its counterpart in Tarot, it doesn't seem very Emperor at all - if anything, the reverse of what Emperor stands for: order, traditional values, status quo.

Anyone else thinks along these lines too?:)


"The enlightened man is the greatest stranger in the world; he does not seem to belong to anybody. No organisation confines him, no community, no society, no nation."

This does not mean that he feels he can act like a depraved animal -- such a man is not enlightened, he is not master of himself.


suddenly this card reminded me of Prometheus of greek mythology...titan who steals fire from zeus for the mortals...only to be punished by zeus to have him chained to a rock for eternity and have an eagle eat his liver during day (the liver regrows at night only for the eagle to bite it off again the next day). He is termed as a champion of mankind, trickster, and even a hero of the robinhood kind.