OshoZen 6 of Rainbows (Pents)


6 of Rainbows ~Compromise~

These two don't look happy at all. Is it a realization that they're really not going to get what they're after? Is it a series of mind games gone wrong?
They both look like mirror images of the other, perhaps that's the problem.
Talk about meeting your match. Sometimes it takes meeting up with someone else to realize how much of yourself you were willing to giveaway just to have another's validation or presence. Then it becomes a matter of examining one's own intentions. There were times when I've looked back and thought: I can't believe I did that!
For me it has been a case of reviewing my own value system, and knowing that I had to improve it. I've had a habit of forgetting myself in relationships/friendships, forgetting what really matters to me. Focusing on the other first, and their needs.
Compromising takes on a different life when the one you compromise is yourself.

Judith D

To reach a compromise is supposed to be a good thing - yet if you think of it, it is the result where no-one is happy! - yet to be compromised is definitely not good. Where does one start and the other end. Look at 'the other' in the situation - it is usually a mirror of some part of you, frequently the bit you do not want to acknowledge, which is why it is so hard to agree.
The card is unattractive, even ugly. The colours are muddy, the skin tones green (envy?). The two of them, although almost twins, are so aware of one another, bodies turned slightly away, but faces turned enough to see out of the corner of the eye, just in case the other starts something. Their little fingers touch, but not lovingly. They are hunched up, from hiding in corners listening to things they shouldn't hear, trying to gain an advantage over the other one.
Sixes are supposed to show success, but in the RWS six of pentacles it is not really clear whether the one who gives or the one who gets is the successful one. That idea fits well with this Compromise card - who is it that gets the gratification?
I realise that I have had a habit of thinking I am reaching a compromise, only to find out that I am actually giving in, and 'the other' is gaining the upper hand, or getting far more of what they want. Realising this, and being willing to continue, means that I have put peace well above my own self. And you know, most often that wasn't so bad, after all. It may at first have seemed like caving in, as mentioned in the book, but being willing to give up any thought of power for myself worked well in the end. I do not need power over someone else - I need it over myself. Letting other things go, however, does not mean I need to compromise my own self. Seeing the difference has been a huge education, all in itself.


They look similar, but there are still subtle differences. Is this their attempt to get one-up on the other? Surely that competition will lead to arguments as there can be no compromise under those circumstances.

I think they are touching little fingers because they both uttered the same words at the same time and they are doing a "pinkie promise", lol.

What did they say?

Well, the question was, who wants to go first......and they both said, "me".

I don't trust either of them. They remind me of an ex-brother-in-law!

with love


"If you are confused, remember that you are confused. This will be the first clear-cut thing about you: that you are confused."

This card tells us that compromise is antithetical to our own truth. It is as far away as can be from the Middle Way.