Pearls of Wisdom ~ 7 of Pentacles

6 Haunted Days

This card has a wonderful earthy warm feel to it, the harvesting, the planting....and unlike most 7 of Pentacles cards,this one has 2 people working together on it....I will probably explore that later but on to the reason of the post...

Has anyone else noticed this is a kinda risque card?! The man on the left is looking up at the tree with a kinda weird expression ,who again looks like a woman....a tree spirit and he has his left hand grabbing her breast! :bugeyed::laugh: His other hand is watering the ground. Errrr. Not sure I wanna go there.

Now does this display of lechery mean anything? Ideas?

Rede Seeker


Good thing that watering can is as high as it is, otherwise we'd have an 'Adults Only' card. hahaha

One man is touching the tree, watering her, looking up at her and smiling. He appreciates Nature. His side of the tree is blooming and leafy.

The other man appreciates what Nature provides - the end product he is holding and looking at. His side of the tree has pentacles on the branches but leaves falling.

Presumable both worked to prepare the field but they have different motives. I wonder if they could be different points in time. The man tends Nature, treats her well and in time harvests what he's helped bring forth. The seeds and furrows on one side/filled wheel barrow on the other supports this idea.

The tree is crowned by the Sun and dominates the card. The only water imagery is the watering can. The tree's expression is difficult to read - Mona Lisa-like.

6 Haunted Days

You know I never studied this card,and you pointing out the dual seasons made me look. You're right! I think it's showing different aspects of nature. The left side (including the borders) shows the care, paitence and love of nature in full bloom. The right side shows the harvest in Autumn with leaves falling the tree producing pentacles and he's contemplating nature's bounty. It's obviously the same man so to me it's a progression image. Showing how our care, love and effort brings rewards, results and our wishes fulfilled. But we must tend to our garden and assess as it grows.

The tree looks like it's meditating, quite serene....letting her instincts take over.

Rede Seeker

Tree-Spirit's Expression

The Tree-Spirit bridges Spring planting and Autumn harvest, she is the unifying factor but not the Forcr itself. Perhaps that's behind the beatific expression - she knows her place in the cycle of life and she knows she is tended and cared for.


I think this card is about knowing when to tend something and when to know that you've done enough and it's time to leave well alone and let nature take it's course...
Lovely card (another one :)).

I'm loving this deck.


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I've just noticed that the pearls in this card are being worn by the tree.
This reinforces my feeling that this card is saying that whatever you do, you can only do so much and nature will have the final say as to whether your plans will succeed or fail...
I really like this card.