Robin Wood - Nyaa-nya-nya-nyaa-nya ? - 5 of Swords


Wot exactly does Nyaa-nya-nya-nyaa-nya mean? At first i thought i was maybe like a sound effect but now im not sure. Please help.


We used to sing it, "Nanny-nanny, boo-boo, stick yer head in doo-doo..." It is the same affect. E - E - C - F - E- C



Muser257, shove your thumbs in your ears and waggle your fingers at your opponent while sticking out your tongue.

I think that's what Nyaa-nya-nya-nyaa-nya means. :)


Lol, i get it now. Cheers Starry Starry Night.


brenmck said:
"Sleepy Beaut to Daffodil - whiskey tango foxtrot. Over?"


And just to keep this On Topic...this card has been showing up for me a bit too often lately. I really don't think I've been sticking my thumbs in my ears that much...really.

And Muser, that will teach you to read those LWBs! :smoker:


I meant to ask, waht does 'nya-nya-nya-nya-nyaaa-nyaaa' have to do with the Robin Wood anyway? Is this reference in the book or something?


Hi KK,

Actually, it was the main keyword for the Five of Swords in the LWB that came with the deck. Here is the thing--that LWB of mine is, I'm sure, long gone...but that is the one and only keyword I remember from any LWB ever.

Go figure...


So I take it that 5 of Swords could mean "petulance?" That's interesting...


cool synchronicity~!

I find this so ironic, as I came to the exact same "sing-song" taunting game when I once looked at the Five of Swords, and found certain melodies in the Gothic Tarot deck.

Alissa said:
The 5 of Swords, the gleering jester clown. Oh this is classic, folks. Really...

If you take the stairs to be the treble clef, the following notes appear where the skulls are sitting around his feet :

High C - A [Rest] F - High C - A

Nah-nah.. ne-nah nah.... the classic children's "ha-ha" song we all know! And if that isn't the atmosphere of the Vargo's Five of Swords, I don't know what is....
I transcribed the melody from the card's visual graphic, as described, and came up with a slight variation on the theme than kilts_knave. :D

Click here to see a graphic of this card...

Very cool musical synchronicity in the cards~!

Barbaras Ahajusts

I'll be darn

I pulled out the little white book and low and behold if that bugger didn't read exactly what was posted. Of all things! LMAO!

Mocking laughter, indeed.
Na na na na na naaa! Ha ha ha ha ha, I got something you don't!

Kinda gives those skulls a musical lilt placement on that one card, huh? :D