Robin Wood, The Fool 0


Morwenna said:
I love the wreath in the Fool's hair, the motley clothes, the rainbow of ribbons on the backpack. Freshness and variety! This is one person who will not be bound by convention, nor by any need to stick to one thing. This could have positive or negative results. (I have a hard time making decisions; can you see why I identify here?:D)

I like your take on how, up until this point, our hero is 'not bound by convention' since I tend to agree with that :) As you will see, in my work with the card, I pose that he may well be of the sort who is able to pick himself up, dust himself off, and keep on going.

It's interesting that I visually loved how he was dressed, but was too busy with what was going on around within the card, that I didn't attach specific meaning to the colors, the wreath, how he had switched up his leggings. However, I definitely think the image of the character is gorgeous.


wow shiresun!! your all fired up!!great work!!
Have to take some more notes, and maybe rethink my journal arrangement... :)

I like your "seeker" aproach to the card. I agree with that tought.
And i'm like you in the subject of symbology, have lots and lots to learn! :)
Same thing hapened to me when i read Robin's description, i was like: "wow missed that one.. uh.. yes, missed that one too... "


Greetings Moonson! I will have to remember to revisit the thread for each card more often after I've posted. Thank you SO much for your encouragement about how I'm approaching each card.

Right away I knew that this was The Seeker (who could be foolish, with the potential of becoming a hero) so that's how I started thinking of the card. It's my journey as much as it is The Fool's Journey through the deck.

I'm really enjoying, and learning (yes, I am taking a crash course in symbolism as well on this journey!) a great deal. After having read what Robin said about The Fool, I went back and actually did the exercise she suggested about writing down what I felt certain basic things represented. What was good, however, is that when I moved on to the 1 card and there after, I started to see so much more in the cards and it's gratifying that I'm getting what Robin meant to express with each card.