Robin Wood - The Lovers


Ok, not to fall into the depths of depravity but compared to other decks don't you think the man has quite a large penis. lol. Especially compared to RWS - Lovers and Devil Man. Looking at the card it appears in proportion but for lack of a better word - distracting. Lol


Oh, the 'banana'? LOL

Yep, distracting but I ignore it.


You know, I clicked in and out of this topic, vowing to myself I just wouldn't...comment...

But it just wouldn't be me if I didn't...

The only thing I can think of when I look at that card is that for some (including, apparently, the artist) size really does matter.



Im so glad i am not the only person with a dirty mind on this board.


Lovers, Indeed!

Such a beautiful rendition of "The Lovers" by Robin. Two becoming one and yet not losing their own personal identity and worth. Each person contributing in the ways that suit them best, coming together and being stronger for the union.

'course this could be said of two people in love, or two people who work together, or two ideas that when joined make for an even better idea...OR it could even be the uniting of more than two people, such as in a sports team. An example: I'm an avid fan of the NBA Detroit Pistons (once a Detroit sports fan, always a Detroit sports fan). The make-up of that particular team in the last few years and currently is not one of singular superstars who make or break the team, depending on what kind of game they're having. The current Pistons team is one of respect and yes, love for each other; each member being able to contribute their own talents for the good of all. A team member on the Pistons this year isn't the winner of the NBA's MVP (Most Valuable Player) award...the whole team is one big, MVP. Alas, there's no award per se for MVT...Most Valuable Team...UNLESS they get into and win the finals! Go Pistons! But I digress...

So many lovely symbols tucked into this card...the sun and moon, an apple tree and oak joined as one, well-tended and plowed fields and a homestead,
butterflies and birds, hills and mountains...all positive and showing the possibilities that love and unity can bring.

When this card appears in a spread upright, I can't help but smile and think of good things.


*rolling my eyes* And I thought I was the only one with sexual bend! But in a sense, the card have a bit of sensual potential. I can think of a few things the two lovers can do when no one look! *lol*


spinningspider said: "two people in love, or two people who work together, or two ideas that when joined make for an even better idea". I agree. I think this means the Union of two people or more (or ideas) that complete each other, with good results. And i also get the feeling of purity, maybe because they are naked... don't know how to explain though...

I see the field in the back. For me it means the work has been done, and now we have to wait and reap what we sowed (guess it's the right expression), but in a good way, i think it says good things are coming.

and just laughed when i saw annik's post! "I can think of a few things the two lovers can do when no one look!" true... lool i agree!
It's a very sensual and sexual card! So, i guess one can expect love will be in the air! :)



I agree with most what has been said, with the exception of the sexual bit. I disagree completely on that one, I don't see/feel any sexual vibes. What I see is two people being completely open towards each other, nothing to hide. Trust and what Moonson said, purity.
They've found a balance between female and male energies. All the symbolisms on the card represent those on left and right side.
I always like to work out all these things in my own notes and I'd like to share them here, maybe someone's got something to add.
The first is female, the right is male:
apple tree (stands for love) - Oak (stands for strength, endurance)
apples: nurturing
Moon (crone's moon: both full and waning: mature, wisdom) - Sun
green, lush fields (letting things blossom and develop) - plowed fields (there's action here; fields get worked)
House (home, the taking care of bit)
River (flowing water: intuition, feelings) - Snow/ice (ice contains data from days gone by => knowledge)
rounded mountain tops (old mountains => old wisdom) - Sharp mountains (newly acquired wisdom and knowledge)
Raven/black crow (mysterious, inner stuff) - Yellow butterflies (messengers in the here and now)
woman - man
dark (hair, mysterious, inner self) - blond (outwards, active, sun)

The couple stands as if they're scales, they're hands weighing the moon and sun. They've got things nicely balanced! They complement each other and are able to work together beautifully. Both are equal, the Divine light shines on both of them and they've got this lovely aura around their heads, as if they'r truly one.

Summarized I see this card as balance. Finding this balance might include making choices, being open and being able to trust. Having the balance might mean that you are able to adjust, be flexible and work together.
Since all these things can go real deep within an individual, I see this not only as a thing between 2 parties, but also within an individual. Someone trying to find his inner peace (balance).
Being a perfectly working couple, I could see this card to be a twinsoul card.
To me, however, not sexual, but more universal love, respect and deep care for an another.



Great discription Ravenne! Thanks

Taking mooree notes! :)


I don't know what it is, but I really do not like this card. When I first got this deck a few weeks ago, I sifted through all the cards and made note of the ones I liked most and least (a habbit picked up from Froud's Faeries). The moment I saw this card, just six cards into my perusing, I knew it would be my least favorite.

Truth be told, there is only one lovers' card that I DO like, and that's from legend: the Arthurian tarot, but that's another study all together.

I recognize that this card is supposed to symbolize utter trust and comfort shared with another person. I understand the apparent beauty in this, and that the reason for their nakedness is in their lack of fear of being exposed, and in the naturalness of this state, but while I understand all this on an intellectual level, I can't grasp it emotionally.

Their nakedness makes me uncomfortable (maybe I'm too caught up in victorian ideas of modesty --- I've been accused of that before!), like I am intruding on their privacy. I don't like the way he has his eyes closed, his face leaning towards hers, but she stares past him, off into the distance: that's not equality of devotion or direction. I don't like the division of roles symbolised behind them, the little house in the distance on her side, and the farmer's fields on his. I know, the cards are set in a more traditional time, and I'm not even a feminist, really --- heck, I'm a Capricorn and a hierophant, rooted in tradition, but it irks me. Maybe I'm just looking for things to critisize in this card.

Jessica Macbeth, in the companion book for the Faeries' Oracle, notes that those cards we have the most adverse reaction to represent those aspects of ourselves we are least able to admit, examine, see, or understand, so I suppose I should be looking at this card with less critisism towards it, and more on myself: maybe I'm uncomfortable with that level of trust given to another person?