Shadowscapes Tarot - King of Wands



He lifts the fiery torch up to illuminate the path and strides forward.

the first thing to notice about this card is the strong warm light coming out from the back of the male character seen in the center of the card.
he is surrounded by lions. his wand is actually a staff with a lion head at the top.
he has impressive stag horns - an indication he is out of this world.

i can't stop seeing similarities in imagery with the knight of wands card: strong light, strong men, lions, long staffs, and horns.
it seems as if the knight finally matured into the king, but still kept a wild side. whatever adventures the knight was searching for, helped him become much stronger than he anticipated: he seems to be able to control the nature with his very presence.
he is quite majestic, just like a stag.
i'm not sure if the lions in the air are a manifestation of his power or not, but it might.