Sweet twilight -- 5 of Chalices


At first glance I thought this was a suicide by poisoning. The LWB suggests "it is best to lay with the loss, let the soul rest. Often afterwards we see that perhaps all was not lost" i.e. get drunk!


I think she's spilt the three cups next to her.

When she wakes, she will turn and see things aren't so bad after all as two are still full.

I don't believe it's about getting drunk. I see the cups as symbolising things in her life: she's lost some things, but there are joys she hasn't yet been paying attention to (the 2 cups standing by). Some of the spillage is being cleansed by the waters (her emotions? still and cleansing as she sleeps?).


Passed out drunk again. That's the first thing I see when I look at this card, but I like Aerin's interpretation better!

Looking at this card reminds of those time when I felt so bad about things I cried until I feel asleep, and when I woke my chest ached like a cold wind blowing through my soul bringing the promise of spring and renewal.

The water is washing away the pain and the two cups show there is hope, to begin again knowing all was not lost after all.

The tree in the background reminds me of the tree of life. She's come outside her safe place, her comfort zone but she isn't far from it. Perhaps she took a chance and lost but she can always go back.