this is the one for questions. do you think everybody can tell from the title??? LOL :D



I hope that I'm not interrupting, as I do not have this deck yet...but are you using this as your main oracle? It sounds like a powerful mirroring tool.
I actually like doing comparative readings using different decks, usually tarot...or do a tarot small spread and then use an oracle deck for an in-depth look.
I guess Astroamerica's review made such an impression, I wasn't certain if this was a good deck for me...sorry if this question is in the wrong place.


Hi Mari :)

of course you're not interupting're more than welcome!
I can understand your misgivings about this deck after reading the astroamerica review ..I have to say though, of the reviews I read before acquiring the deck that particular one felt the most critical. There are other good ones with more positive views ..but I don't know how to post links. :(

I can imagine the symbolon would be very good for comparative readings. It is indeed a very powerful mirroring tool, and I think it would definitely give you an indepth look!