Tarot of Prague Café Club - Queen of Pentacles

Bean Feasa

Tackling another Queen! Although the Queen of Pentacles is seated in this card, her visual presence leaps out almost as if she were standing up and leaning out towards me. She really grabs me!
The colours of this scene are positively mouthwatering - her clothes alone make me think of favourite foods like tomatoes, spinach, green peppers...and look at the lovely buttery yellow light cast by the lantern in the background. This Queen's a domestic goddess - I'm sure of it (and anyway the book says so :)).
The solidity of the figure suits Pentacles (whereas the Queen of Swords has a sketchy, airy quality). The castle-crown, as well as being cute, adds to this feeling of groundedness - it seems to stress the lady's rock-solid, supportive and dependable nature. It's also in nice contrast to the ordinariness of the houses around her, and in particular to the detail of the little dormer windows peeping up out of the roofs behind. It seems to say -although I am essentially regal you will find me everywhere, and I bless the smallest of kitchens and gardens. Maybe it's the red-and-green colouring at work, but I feel the Queen could double for the Ghost of Christmas Present in the Scrooge story, the one who brings joy to the homes of all, especially to the poor and others in need of blessings. I love the warmth and vibrancy of this card - it seems to embody the ideal qualities of home.


Hi Bean Feasa,

This Queen may live in a castle (made of gold), have all the material belongings that she needs, and hold the world in her hands but she still understands how she got there and how others live. She looks really down to earth. She sits in the middle of a cosy little cobbled street of quaint pretty houses and she looks at home, content. This is evident from the yellow street light which looks really welcoming. She looks lovingly at the pentacle, which has a sun on it and is holding it out on a plate which shows her sharing, generous nature.

The colours of her attire symbolise vitality, life-force, and passion, all outer world qualities. All the things that are close to her are important in her life but she looks grounded. The cobbled street kind of draws your attention and helps give this impression. Children and animals seem drawn to her and look comfortable in her company. This card just oozes a kind of cosy warmth. Friendliness.

J :)


OK, playing catchup with the ToP here :)

I love the serenity of this card. I'm not sure I would have noticed the castle-crown unless you mentioned it, Bean.

The colors are striking but notice that her face is washed-out, colorwise. Maybe this signifies that everything about this Queen signifies importance, but she is resolved to keep a low profile.

I also love the lush tree behind her that looks like it could be rooted in the Queen. Another indication that she is one with nature and possibly nature's catalyst.

The street light is also beautifully shown. The houses almost make me feel like the scene could be set in an old California mission.



The first thing that caught my attention is the richness of the Queen's robe...a nice, earthy, emerald green color. She holds the pentacle in her right hand and a cornucopia in her left, which tells me that she is both practical and has a close connection with nature, the fruits of the earth. There is a cherubic baby at her feet, resting comfortably against a miniature ram or sheep...he appears to be holding a piece of fruit given to him by his mother.

This Queen definitely makes me think of "mother earth" and she has similar qualities as the Empress: nurturing, practical, warm and generous. She provides a stable foundation for family and friends....her crown in the shape of a castle is appropriate. The warm colors of this card are comforting to look at....they provide a welcoming feeling, much like the Queen herself.

:) Luna


the first thing that strikes me is the soft surrounding. The light are ajusted to give the impression of coziness. Looking at the card makes me feel welcomed in her world.