The Answer Deck - Wisdom, plus New Beginnings, Challange, Jealousy

Little Baron

The Answer Deck - Wisdom

My draw for today is 'Widsom'.

I have drawn this card and three extra for clarification.

When I see these older hands, I can see that wisdom is something aquired through age. You do not have to necessarily be old but to use your experience to learn from. I see the book as a diary - a collection of thoughts that when read again, can be mused over and help you with current problems and situations.

The three clarification cards are -

New Beginnings, Challange, Jealousy.

For me, this seems to revolve around my work. I have just finished university and it is a time for me to get out into the big wide world and get a job. That is how I view the 'New Beginnings' card. Now the course has ended, something has died, and as the baby in this card shows, something new is born. There are 'challenges' ahead. Making my way in my chosen industry is not going to be easy and I am aware that through my lack of experience, like the baby, at this stage, I can only crawl; let alone climb to the top of the peak like the figure in the challenge card has done.

I am not sure about the jealousy card. I am not naturally a jealous person, so possibly, somebody elses jealousy could affect my journey to where it is that I want to be. In the last four or so months of my course, my relationship with my tutor went down very quickly. It felt, most of the time, that his critisism of my work was personal and his role as my tutor, seemed unprofessional. I had never given him any reason to attack me so personally, and grabbing at straws, I did wonder if there was an element of jealousy on his part - he is only three or so years older than me, designed a mens underwear collection (as I did) and then never made it after he graduated. He was also not able to intimidate me, as he could some of the younger students. I am hoping not to have to see him again (I would ignore him anyway), but what really worries me is after all this, I hope that his 'jealousy', if that is what it is, does not affect my final grade, which I have not received at this time.

Which brings me back to 'Wisdom'. The whole time I spent on my course taught me a lot; not necessarily about fashion - about people, professional jealousies, competitive personalities - how 'ugly' people can be when they are compedative and jealous, what masks people wear.

As my first daily draw, I like the frankness of these cards. It didn't take me long to work out what meaning they had for me today. It is a shame that there isn't a card called 'Bitter Idiot' because I would have known straight away that this was a reading about my tutor! LOL.

Look forward to your insights.