Vision Quest - XI Life Force

Soaring Eagle

The medicine man has his arms raised above his head. In one hand he holds a feather, and in the other, he is holding a staff with two feathers. There are distant mountains in the picture, and a disturbed sky. In front of the medicine man there is a puma sitting with tall grass at the very front.

Significant Details:
The medicine man on the card is holding an eagle feather in one hand (spiritual enlightenment) and a staff with eagle feathers in the other(willpower to make changes); both are raised into the air. A puma is seated in front of him, with it’s spiritual aura, perhaps as a reminder to stay grounded and not get carried away. The medicine man is elated to have found his spiritual guide.

My Interpretation:
There will be a period of much joy, or elation coming, possibly a creative period. You must remember to stay grounded, lest you get carried away.

Soaring Eagle

I can't figure out what that's supposed to be behind the warrior. Is it a geyser? If it is, I guess it would symbolize "constant life", that life continues?

The puma/cougar to me is definately a show of power. She doesn't move, she has no fear. She seems to say "if you come any closer, I'm out of here." At least to me, she does. I definately see her as "her" and not "him".


The auras of the warrior and the puma connects them. Why does the aura reach even to the grass in the front?

Numerology Reference: Duality, Harmony, Choices, Unity, Balance, A Crossroad or Choice, Partnership

Keywords*: Ecstasy, elation, passion, lust, eros, orgasmic creativity, the totality of feeling, sense of omnipotence

Inner message*: If you allow yourself to be swept away by this wave of immense, divine power, nothing will be impossible! The deepest message of this card goes beyond all conventional ideas about joy, vitality, even rapture. It represents the source of all these energies. This source is holy, for it surpasses the limits of every classification created by the human mind. It is the profound understanding of our immortality as spirit that causes us to become ecstativ. It is our wild, irrepressibly powerful nature that grants us access to the state of ecstasy, if we develop the ability to recognize the narrow confines of social conditioning and consciously transcend them.

Outward manifestation*: Many are terrified of entering the state of ecstasy because what is generally valued most highly is lost: mental conrtol. At least in our society, control seems to be the greatest virtue, while ecstasy, joy and a passionate appreciation of life in all its movements is ridiculed. ‘The more controlled the better’ seems to be the fearful motto of mechanical man. However, this card shows you a different way. By trusting your internal emotions toward ecstasy, you will gain surprisng insights into all sorts of situations, You will reach a higher perspective that remains unattainable in our ordinary, dull, sleepy state of mind. The arising of this primal force within you gives you a chance to virtually move mountains now, making it much easier to overcome all sorts of mental and social inhibitions. Restlessly chattering thoughts subside. Your consciousness expands, and your being finally gets a chance to let its energy flow unabashedly. In an ecstatic, orgasmic, freefalling and thus released state, you are closest to the Great Mystery, the awesomeness of simply being alive.

My Interpretation: Since this is a completely a new card for me, I have no prior knowledge to the meaning of the card, which makes it a bit harder for me to interpret it. I think what this card asks you to do is to give up the power and the control of yourself to fully enjoy life and its beauty. You might also have a creative period as well as passion for whatever you decide to do – use it, let that force take control.

*From LWB