Vision Quest - XIV Integration

Soaring Eagle

An old woman is seen weaving. The birds she has woven are leaving the weaving and flyig away. There is a spiders web with spider behind the old woman.

Significant Details:
The repeating symbols of the birds and flowers, surrounding the giant cornstalk (life), symbolize the primal matter of creation-destruction that is all around us. The Red, Green and Blue must be woven together in equal parts in order to temper and modify life experiences, so that what is out-of-balance can be corrected. The cornstalk at the center of the weaving signifies eternal life, representing a balanced life cannot exist without the important element of spirit.

My interpretation:
This card may foretell a period of creative inspiration or a time of harmony and peacefulness. Self-control and inner guidance will get you through difficulties. A trip gives you a new perspective on an old issue. You need to adapt to new circumstances.


Numerology Reference: Force, Conflict, Change, Courage, Strength, Instability, Loss, Opportunity for Change, New Cycle

Keywords*: Alchemy, creativity, artfulness, union of male and female energies, the spiritualization of matter, finding one’s true form, harmony, equanimity

Inner message*: Just when it seems that everything has come to a standstill, the forces of transformtaion are most active. Refrain from criticizing the process that is taking place within. You are inwardly busy with the merging of your male and female energies. This brings about the balance you seek. To live a balanced life, these two forces must be integrated into a harmonious unity. Remember the birds depicted on this card. Once thw weaving of their forms is complete, they rise up high into the sky and soar freely! This is what is known as ‘the spiritualization of matter’.

Outward manifestation*: Don’t take a definite position, much less defend it stubbornly. What is going on inside you now, is yet too fragile to be dragged out into the open and killed by explaining it away. Give yourself the freedom of not having to justify the delicate processes of your spiritual development that must take place in secrecy. Respect what is happening in the darkness, far from the maddening crowd. have faith in its appropriateness. Simply relax and, most of all, be kind to yourself. At the right time the fruits of your internal labor will become clearly visible in your behavior and especially in your work.

My interpretation: Now is to time to use your creativity to achieve harmony and peacefulness. (I think Soaring Eagle has a great interpretation ;))

*From the LWB