Celtic Dragon Study Group?


If the study group is still in progress I would love to join!
I love this deck and I might be biased because its my first but I agree the artwork is stunning.
I guess I have been feeling them call me more because I joined this forum to learn more about them and to learn to use them better then I have. I don't normally do daily spreads I'm not sure how to do them nor the process but I would love to start and be more accurate and better.
Good luck and Be Safe

Soaring Eagle

I have started adding posts to the Celtic Dragon if anyone is interested in joining me. I find this such a lovely deck.


Celtic Dragon

Hi all! I use the Celtic Dragon Tarot almost exclusively for readings on myself and with others. It is so accurate and insightful. Abosultely love it, despite owning 5 other decks! Have been dabbling with Tarot of the Elves, but keep coming back to this deck time and again. Would like to meet and talk to others who also love this deck!


I would love to join in, my deck is in transit from Amazon. Once it arrives, I would like to post along with others, if there is still a active group working with it.