Faeries' Oracle (Froud) - Favorite Card


In the previous post we seem to have agreed to start a study group on the Faeries' Oracle by Fraud and most everyone listed their favorite, least favorite and universal cards. It would be wornderful if we could share our responses to the questions on pgs. 18-19 of the book where we describe our favorite card.

My favorite card is Indi (note ... at the time I completed this exercise I had not looked up any cards in the book):

1. The emotional atmosphere of the card is shy, a bit lonely yet playful. It looks as if Indi is looking for someone to play with him. He has tricks to show. He seems to feel like no one appreciates his magic tricks and it hurts him because he is so proud of them. He looks like he needs a hug. He shows his hurt by standing on the head of a faery that is making fun of him - this is the way Indi blocks him out. This blocking people out leads Indi to further isolation.

2. This card reminds me about how I feel about my working with the Tarot and how those around me do not care and just don't share my enthusiasm. I just go on about my business in my own little world.

3. I think the card is very clear. The mental characteristic of solutide and blocking others out is loud and clear. It is complex yet simple. The card seems multi-dimensional.

4. Spiritual characteristics of the card include the dark background, and the sparkles of light on Indi.

5. What I find most appealing about this card is Indi himself. I love everything about him, he is just so cuddly *LOL*.

6. The one thing I find unappealing about this card is the faery making fun of Indi ... how rude!

7. Another impression I get from this card is that the large sphere Indi holds is his excitement and talents, the ball he holds is how he perceives others think about him. His arms accross his chest is a symbol of him blocking others out, and he gives his back to the small ball (what others think).

After reading the book, I learned that Indi is about indicision, but as I described above I think this card is multi-faceted. I still hold to my original impressions, but also acknowledge that depending on the situation when Indi comes up in a reading he could also indicate indicision.


appealing card - 17 - himself

I only noted down quickly in the back of the book so I'll put down some more in detail stuff now...i also done this before looking any of it up.

emotion: the first thing i noted was intense. He seems to be deep in thought, contemplation. Also possibly a meditative state. also maybe feeling saddened, or grief? these were always hazy feelings.

physical: This mde me think of my own focus, being maybe a little lost in my head but enjoying it. The way i strive for the focus, in meditation and in life, and my constant (?) need (?) for re filling of my 'spiritual glass'.

symbols: The crown of stars and the stars down the chakra. magick and spirit come to mind, again, along with meditation. The card seems clear what he is doing but not what he is thinking, or how he feels. he is deep in thought. not confusing or unclear but possibly a little un accesible?

spiritual: characteristics, stars, chakras, crown. Also the feeling of inner knowlodge, calm, peace and soul.

appeal: There's something about him. the way he looks...so delicate and beautiful but strong, and so deep in this thought..being drawn to the intensity.

un appealing: it felt kind of like he may be hurting? im not sure...just a feeling from the card.

the book talks about how he is natural law, lie force, magick and shamanic power. talks about he is energy and magick and being...he understands nature and law.

it does talk about him being the one who opens the gate so the dead can pass and how he sacrifices himself for those who he protects. these may explain the feeling of possible grief or saddening that i felt...i dont think its so much feeling sad about it, but he is there when he lets the dead pass back through, and so feels the loss of that? and sacrificing himself, the weight of protection.

he can be representative in a spread about energy and protection - responsobility. this may relate to my own responsibilities which may now be coming being the fact im 15, that kind of growing up and gaining all the responsibilities while still being considered a child and stuff.

It does say he can be about healing etc because of the shamanic references, and reversed it is like the energy is blocked or drained and we feel limp and weakened. i constantly have low energies, because i give too much. my mum is really sensetive to peoples auras and energies and is constantly telling me to stop giving so much away, because im so depleted all the time, but i dont actually know why or how im doing it, so the card may have that reference, that he is a lot of energy but reversed the energy is gone?

im not sure about a lot of this, i think im kinda bad at this. heh.


That was great!

Hush that was great! I really like what you said and it makes sense to me. I have not worked with this card yet. He has not come up in my daily draw. But do continue, please, your insights are wonderful.


*smiles* thanks jewel, i was a bit worried...didnt know if i was making any sense. heh. you saw so much in indi that i hadn't realised...bit daunting :D

we got many other people in the study group? i wanna read more!! hehe.


The Faery who was kissed by the pixies

I had only had my cards a few hours when I did this exercise - these are the notes I took then.

There was never any doubt that this was going to be my favourite. Emotionally it just made me feel so happy inside - as if a wonderful secret was being shared between myself and the card.

It made me think of the joy of sharing , the happiness that comes from being with the people you love. And also the wonderful feeling I have since finding all these wonderful tarot sites and being able to communicate with others who think like myself.

On the mental level it is a card that speaks of sharing and communicating - ideas and thoughts - open and receptive to the ideas of others and unafraid to speak what is in my heart.

Spiritually I think this card has to be about love. A gentle, healing unconditional love, reflected in the soft pink rose. There is a lot of green too. These are the heart chakra colours. Nature and the essence of Spirit in the world around us. Its reminding me that spirituality is not something unattainable, way out there, but exists all around me all the time.

What I find most appealing is the way it makes me feel - so happy. I want to laugh and sing. Life is a celebration - enjoy. I adore the strange looking creature at the top of the card - he looks intoxicated - that is how I feel when I look at this card.

There is nothing about it that I find unappealing.

Apparently this is what I'm trying to create in my life and I did have a bit of a chuckle - I'm a bit of a hermit and this card is full of faeries etc. I have to view it in the context of opening up my heart and giving to my family and friends my time and love without feeling resentment or a sense of duty - not always easy.


Most Appealing Card #14 The Maiden

1.) The emotional atmosphere of the Maiden seems very loving. It also has a childlike atmosphere like the Maiden is carefree.

2.) This card symbolizes to me to have more fun in life and not take everything so seriously. I need to be more peaceful and at ease with myself.

3.) The mental characteristics of the card are quite simple. If we can remember back to being a child, we didn't take everything to heart. We must remember the child within us.

4.) I believe the spirtual component of the Maiden is awareness. She wants us to be aware of our innocence like we were as children.

5.) What I find most appealing about this card is how she's sitting there on a leaf at night totally relaxed in her environment. I love the expression on her face. It's like she is so content. What originally drew me to this card is that she looks "EXACTLY" like my youngest daughter.

6.) I find nothing uncomfortable about the card.

7.) All that comes to mind whle looking at the card right now is joy in the simple pleasures of life.

After doing the exercise I looked up the meanings. Here's what stands out to me: " From her crown of light to her star-jeweled toes, the Maiden is pure joy. When she smiles, troubles melt."

She represents viewing the world thru child's eyes. She is also the inner child who shouldn't be spoiled. I love everything the Maiden represents and feel very connected to this card.


Fave card: Himself

Question #1: Emotional atmosphere: Intensity, Foucs, Passion, Sexuality, Sensuality, Invitation.

Question #2: Physical manifestation: Passion, whether sexual or otherwise in life.

Question #3: Symbols: 3 chakras have stars. Crown of stars or light. Integration of mind and heart. Horns indicate a wildness....

Question #4: Spiritual characteristics: Mental focus, heart focus. Evoking passion for life in self and in others.

Question #5: Most appealing: His facial expression and his eyes, the invitation to join him that these express.

Question #6: Not appealing: His passion is so powerful and all emcompassing that you could get swallowed up in it.

Question #7: Other impression: Issues of control.

Looking back it's almost embarassing, but those were my initial impressions. I still think they are very valid when compared to the book's version. I do strive to control situations that I'm in and I do sometimes feel powerless to do so. I like to inspire and be inspired and I want to be passionate about things.

Rhiannon :)



Rhiannon and Hush, I think it is really neat to look at the descriptions you both have for this card. I found the perceptions to be very complementary. It would be neat if you guys could comment on what each other saw and see if what each of you wrote opens more perceptions for you.

Mooncat2 I am also having experiences where this deck really reflects me. To a degree I think I was really drawn to Indi because I saw some of me in him. I really enjoyed your post.


Momof3girls, the Maiden is the card that I was given as my universal card when doing the exercises :) ... there is such a sweetness about her.

Kaz, if you read this could you please move this thread into the other post we have going on this topic. Thanks!


You beat me to it!!! :) The faery kissed by the pixies was my first pick as favorite also!!! Your description could have come from my head too. LOL
I just love the "love" LOL that emminates from this card. Morna IS the Queen of Love IMO. :) The whole card just glows!

Since mooncat2 beat me to that card I'll talk about my next favorite - The Green Woman!!

She just has such Attitude (with a capital A) But it's a happy, fun, secure attitude. She's saying "this is the way I am, take me or leave me, but I'm happy with myself!" That is the exact attitude I've been striving for within myself. (I've succeeded quite well for the most part too. :) )

I love that she has her tongue sticking out - attitude! LOL And the leaves and antlers/branches coming out of her hair show how much she is connected to/one with nature - which again is something I've been doing alot of lately.

Her hands seem to be covering/protecting the smaller faery. Which to me shows even though she has this take me or leave me attitude she is still a very caring, loving faery.