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Any questions welcome apart from health or legal.

No serial questions answered here looking for new ones.

Alls welcome ♥️


Me, please!

My question: What is the energy around us finding the right dog to adopt within the next few months?

Thanks much!


Hey could I pls sit I've met J here on holiday will we keep in contact


Hi Bewitch! :)

So G (male friend) and I have been talking and reconnecting. What can I expect to happen within the next couple of months?

Thank you!


Hello! May I please ask what I can expect to happen between G and I now that I contacted him yesterday and we spoke for the first time in seven months? Thank you!


Hi, thanks for offering readings :)
I'd like to know how will likely be my relationship with my friend S now that we are back in touch?

empress's dress

hello bewitch! may i sit?

how is this new friendship with dnia going to develop(this is purely a platonic interest)? he seems lovely. i have known him for a while but things never seem to work out as planned here. we have a breezy thing going but is something going to prevent it from developing before we get it off the ground? or will all be ok? i have no idea how to combine this into one question, but if you can figure it out that would be wonderful. or perhaps we can work on it together. i just have a habit of getting my hopes up here . but nothing in this place i am living goes as planned. i will just say i think he has a lovely character. that is one thing that doesn't concern me. but outer forces do. often i don't think people have lovely characters but i am drawn to something else. with him it is purely his character.


Hi, May I please sit?

I haven't asked anyone this question yet.
My question is: How can I bring love into my life? I'm talking about finding that special person.


How does AP feel about seeing me before he goes back on ship?


Hi lovely!!

May I sit? I would like to know what special thing can I look forward to in May.

Thanks so much love!

P.S. Would you like a return reading? If so... your question please love. :heart: