The Tarot of Bones: A Natural History Themed Deck


Really the theme/ideas guiding the deck. Can't wait to see the other cards.


This is one of the best new decks I've seen...the pips so far are gorgeous...


I am enjoying this, just to say that the Ace of Pentacles particularly is stunning!


I, too, like the Ace of Pentacles.


The Art is so Beautiful❤️ Good Luck :)


I like the Justice card. I don't understand it, though. Not that that's really necessary. :)

The other cards are intriguing, too. It's a very original deck.


Glad you all are enjoying my work!

Metafizzypop, the Justice card is strongly influenced by the Egyptian crocodile-headed goddess Ammit. When a dead person's heart was found to be too weighed down with sins, it was fed to Ammit and the person was not allowed to proceed to the afterlife. The skull for this card is a Nile crocodile, with its jaws open to possibly receive the heart suspended on a chain above it.

.....and while I was out of town for almost two weeks I wasn't able to get much work done. However, now that I'm back I finished up two more assemblage pieces, plus there's one I finished just before I left town:

Three of Swords:
Ace of Swords:
Knight of Swords:


Jumping out of town again next week (yikes!) but I did manage to finish the Seven of Wands:

Also, I'm ramping up promotion for the IndieGoGo campaign that'll start April 7. I've already arranged a couple of podcast interviews and at least one good media article, along with at least two art galleries interested in displaying some of the original assemblage pieces in the latter half of 2016 after the deck and book have been released. And I sent out a press release to a bunch of potential media outlets. If you are or know of a tarot, pagan, arts and culture or related blogger, podcaster, newshound, etc. who may be interested in covering my work with the Tarot of Bones, here's the press release in PDF form:

And thank you all for your support so far :) Helps to keep me motivated!