~ Unusual ways of dealing the cards


I really like to use unusual ways of dealing the cards... Just to add a bit of interest to the reading for the quarent. :)

The best one I use is for a simple spread I picked up from Major Tom (Thanks MT). I am not sure what it is called but I am sure someone will know???

This is it:

1. Present situation
2. Yesterday (What has lead to the present situation?)
3. Tomorrow (What will happen next?)
4. Past (The background to the present situation.)
5. Future (Outcome.)

Now for the fun bit...
I get the quarent to shuffle the deck and cut it in half. They then cut the each of the two halves again. These get place above position 2, 3, 4 and 5 (indicated by the '�') I then get the quarent to choose one of these four decks to cut again and the top deck gets placed above position 1.

I then fan the little piles for and tell the Quarent the meaning of the position as they choose a card to be placed below the pile.

Another cool aspect of this method is that if you feel that more information/clarification is needed you can choose a card from the pile above the meaning for it. I then place this clarifier below the original card.

I have used this method quite a few times and I find it works really well. :D

Alright Aeclecticans: anyone else have some interesting and unusual ways of dealing the cards, generally or for particular spread???


Well, you could always throw the entire deck in the air and read the ones that land face up, but I doubt the querant would be impressed hehe



Liliana said:
Well, you could always throw the entire deck in the air and read the ones that land face up
OMG! :D :D :D

You evil person you... }) You just got me actually picturing this and now I can't stop laughing... Hmm, the room would really need to be suited for this; I'm sute that when I'd pull this stunt we'd be finding cards *everywere* for the upcoming couple of days... Would be the longest reading I've come across though... Or has anyone actually performed a reading which lasted over a week? ;)


eileen connally has a reading that uses all the cards of the deck. it takes a llllllooooooooonnnnnggggggg time to get thru if you do it like she suggests. i can see how you could drag it out a month!


I once did Rachel Pollack's Tree of Life spread (from 78 Degrees of Wisdom) for my best friend. She happened to be on the island of Saipan at the time (which is in the South Pacific) while I was in the States! It actually helped that she was so far away, though, because I was able to take my time with the reading. We corresponded about the reading by email. It ended up giving her a good look at why she does what she does when it comes to family and work choices.

That said, I would think twice before doing that reading again! Wow! It's a great reading, but it's soooooo complex; I had pages of notes which I rewrote twice, just to be able to understand how it was all coming together!

I like your cutting and fanning method, Kayne. I've been cutting the deck two or three times and randomly pulling the cards to read from resulting piles for nearly a year now. Don't know why I started doing it like that, but it's worked pretty well for me.




really? i love the tree of life spread and use it for all my standard readings. however, another fun thing you can do with the cards is go to random people and give them readings spur of the moment. just small 1-3 cards and then walk off, gives them a random tarot for the day and something to think and talk about.

random tarot what strikes at midnite... shuffle, baby, shuffle.



Random Acts of Tarot.
neat idea:)

i think i will try this more often. it could be a good way of dispelling some negative emotions some of my friends have about the tarot - that it is all so serious and dangerous and that the spirits will strike you dead if you do this or that...


R.A.T. - I love it! Although it does seem like a slightly over-zealous pick up line....

"Hey there, I'm Kayne... You look like you need a tarot reading! I see the Lovers and the two of cups in your very near future..."


you could still R.A.T your friends.
show them that tarot doesn't always have to be so serious and ritual.
that it is quite possible to do mini-readings without having to go through the whole ritual of lit candles, smoking incense, dim lights and "don't touch my deck" and "this is what crosses you" etc etc...

that way i wouldn't have to wear my velvet cape and shawl quite so often *joke*


When I pick out cards, I fan out the deck, and just pick out the cards that feel like they want to come out...the tingly warm ones...but then I only read for myself...it probably wouldn't look too good for a professional reading...