Vargo Gothic - What is it?

Little Baron

Hmmmmm .....

I was just writing to Darwinia today and telling her how my deck buyinh had calmed down, but reading through this little lot, I am starting to feel that 'oh so familiar' pull in the direction of this deck....

Would like to see a few more images though, but can't get on to the publishers site at the moment. I am in England. Is it easier to pick up in shops here, does anyone know?


There arent many scans as the publishers are rather tight about scans without the sample stamps across.
I bought my deck from Black Artefacts which are in the UK and its 17.50 including p+p! Very quick and friendly service! I'd definately recommend them!


Little Baron

Thanks Inanna. I will check that one out. It is a shame that there are not more samples; just so I can get a better idea of whether it would suit me or not. I can see that it is a visually striking deck, but I have bought decks before after seeing a handful of scans and been disappointed when I have got them home. With little money at the moment, I can't afford to buy another one that doesn't get used so much. I don't have many 'dark' decks so it would be nice to check it out beforehand; it looks very romantic, which I like, but hopefully, not to much blood. lol


I chose to buy the deck to "combat fluff", to have a darker deck. I thought it would make for a great study tool. I think my husband thought that it would be "hoaky", but as soon as I opened it, he was taking it away from me to look at every card, and it inspired him to use tarot in his creative process (he is a writer, and artist, and now talking about creating a deck). He had little interest in tarot before.
To give you a better idea, Yaboot, the deck isn't really bloody as more of an expectation of blood (i.e. you don't see it). A lot of the action seems to be just a moment before. More like romanctic, misty, a good ghost story i believe the term is macarbe....
My favorite part of the deck is the way the scenes on the cards interact with the "camera" (if you will) In other decks certain cards seem to draw you in, i mean you are part of the action, or you are the action (1st person v. 3rd person) I am the person in the card or the person in the card is doing this to me....This deck I see that better, and it sees to be transposed meaning that cards in other decks that seem to be 1st person, are 3rd and vis-versa....i hope that my ramblings make sence...At least it gives me something to think about.

I also feel lucky that down the street from me is a very large shop with an ample supply of decks, many open for perusal before purchase. I think it is suposed to be the largest store in the U.S. The area is rather libral, with a lot of hippies still around.

Little Baron

Livia said:
More like romanctic, misty, a good ghost story i believe the term is macarbe....

That sounds like just what I was hoping for.

Thanks Livia .. I will definitely keep an eye out for this one. There is one shop near me at the moment, but they don't get much new stock in and a lot of what they do have is pretty standard.

If it is meant to be, I am sure it will find me (winks)



Yaboot, befor you pay £17 have a look on Ebay Uk _ I just bought a copy from a seller who has an e-bay shop so no need for bidding - for £12 - a bargain I think - it really is a lovely deck.


Sulis xx



I am not sure if this has already been mentioned or not can order the Gothic either through the artist's website, or from tarotgarden.....I can see that your resistance is weakening now, hehehehe!!! })

I have just started working with my Gothic deck....after pining for it for over a year, I finally ordered it....and then sadly, let it sit untouched for the last couple of months. :(

I was immediately drawn to its darkness....the artwork is just incredibly beautiful, dark and sensual....probably my "ideal" deck in many ways!!! I am definitely ready now to spend some serious time getting more familiar with these cards....

I just started a thread in the Your Readings forum, for anyone who is post your Daily Card and discuss your interpretation of it, how it might apply to your life.....

I look forward to seeing some of your posts there!!!

:D Luna


Darla said:
I would like us to get some discussions going. I think we all agree here that the Gothic is a gorgeous deck. But what is it that draws you to it? What makes it special for you?

I'm drawn to all things dark and mysterious and this deck is no exception. It's sensual, stormy, passionate, spiritual in the sense that love transcends the physical realm. Protectors protect what they love fiercely and with a vengence, daring anyone to cross their path. There's an underlying sense of loyalty woven throughout this deck, and an ability to connect with the forces of nature, a feeling of being very much in the moment.



wow - old thread!!

I'll jump in - it's a new aquisition for me. And I like it very much - very RWS - but with a wonderful twist!!! :laugh:

I like the wraiths. I like the implied sexuality. (blantant gets on my nerves after a while). I am re-newly drawn to the dark and moonlit and mysterious, as compared with bright and cheerful and sunburnt!!!

I like rituals outdoors at night. Holding a Morris dance in a cleared out space in a bookstore doesn't do it for me. (Saw one online a while back.) (in Salem, I think. Figures -)

I like that which is seen and touchable but inherantly unknowable. RWS is knowable (which is why it is appealing - I have many clones, liking Ator the best right now!!) But - this just has a visually different approach and I can get a bit lost in it. Lost in the graveyards ... :)

I am having to work on the Knight of Wands though. My take at present, since my Compendium has not yet arrived, is that it is a dream or an aspiration - strong, face concealed yet, daylight. Fighting the good fight for a good cause out in the open in an acceptable manner. But ... this is not how these people (in the tarot) are. So - a dream.

I am drawn to it because I am comfortable in the night. I have excellent night vision and have exTREMEly sensitive eyes so lights bother me something fierce. I have the visor down in the car even though I am wearing sunglasses - that sort of thing. Consequently, as a child at summer camp, I was the one who went to fetch stuff for the other girls back at our tent in the woods in the night without a flashlight because no one had thought to plan ahead!!! *hehe* But I sure was a hit with the boys cause I wasn't so "girly* :laugh:

Anyway - that's my 3 & 1/2 cents' worth.


(please pardon the misspellings; I'm too tired to go fix them all)